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TV Review: Casanova (David Tennant)

The first thing your Tennant-Who fan needs to track down is Casanova: written by RTD, produced by Gardner, scored by Gold (much of the crew behind the first four seasons of nuWho) and featuring Tennant as the young Casanova. The story is framed by an old Casanova played by Peter O’Toole reminiscing about his youthful exploits. The biggest problem here is that O’Toole and Tennant look nothing alike. Their accents are completely different and they don’t even bother faking a shared mannerism or two despite playing the same character at different ages. Similarly, the last actor to play Casanova’s son has a harelip that none of the other kids did. That aside, Tennant’s Casanova is mischievous, opportunistic, cheerful, roguish, sexy, clever, mostly good hearted guy if slightly careless and strangely naive.

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TV Review: Doctor Who (David Tennant)

I had long heard good things about Torchwood and since it was playing on a cable channel I had already paid for I set up the PVR to record it. Also, I had seen the Tennant/Barrowman kissing at Comic-Con clip on YouTube which was intriguing. But, because I’m that kind of person, knowing that Captain Jack got started on Doctor Who made it difficult to just dive into Torchwood. Then because I’m a Merlin fan I had tracked down Midnight.

Merlin was all done on the 19th (December 2009) or so, so… Nothing to do but download the entire modern Doctor Who seasons 1-4 and as many specials as were available at the time (End of Time was just about to air).

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