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Perl, C, C++, LaTeX, Pascal, FORTRAN, Lisp, BASIC, Icon
Internet Applications, Protocols, and Tools:
HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, CGI, FTP, telnet, SMTP, analog, CSS, excite for web servers, web server software
Desktop Publishing and Typesetting Applications:
AMS LaTeX, LaTeX, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, Corel Painter
Graphics Applications:
GL, Rayshade, RenderMan, Inventor, Open GL
Math Applications:
GNU Calc, GNUplot, Maple, Mathematica, SAS
Postgres SQL, GDBM, MySQL, DBase, Faircom, Paradox, Paradox Engine
Intel PC, Apple Macintosh, Silicon Graphics, SUN, DEC Alpha, IBM mainframes, IBM workstations, NeXT, VAX 7xx
Other Hardware:
Audio systems, CD-ROM, Film Recorders, Motion Capture Devices, Nonlinear Video Editing, Optical Scanners, 3D Input Devices, Video Capture, Video Recorders, most data storage devices and printers
Operating Systems:
Apple A/UX, BeOS, AIX, IBM, IRIX, Linux, Mac Finder, MS DOS, MVS/TSO, NextStep, Plato, SunOS, UNIX, VAX VMS, VM/CMS, Windows
Other Skills:
Animation, Conversational Mandarin, Drivers License


"Computer Implementation of a Series Solution for Constant Coefficient Ordinary Differential Equations" in Computers Math. Applic., Vol. 31, No. 3, 1996, pp. 43-60.

"Langwidere: A New Facial Animation System" In Proceedings of Computer Animation 1994, pages 59-68, Geneva, Switzerland, May 25-28, 1994.

Langwidere: A Hierarchical Spline Based Facial Animation System with Simulated Muscles Master's thesis, University of Calgary, October 1993.

"We Want a Rock!" In Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 38-40, Silver Star Mountain, Vernon, BC, March 28-30, 1993.

"Talking Heads: Developing Pull" In Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 114-119, Silver Star Mountain, Vernon, BC, March 28-30, 1993.

"Current Trends in Facial Animation, or Langwidere: Not Just Another Witch." In Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 103-108, Sunshine Village, Banff, AB, April 6-8 1992.

"Automating Facial Gestures and Synthesized Speech in Human Character Animation." In Proceedings of the Third Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 39-40, Silver Star Resort, Vernon, BC, April 8-10 1991.

Multimedia Publications and Exhibits

"Evolution of the Long-Tailed Bird" with sound by Stephen Hansen Smythe.
A short film illustrating the development of the Chinese character for bird from an image to the modern ideograph.
"Knot on a Table" with Brian Wyvill. The Visual Computer, 7(2-3):Cover illustration, May 1991.

Web Sites

Content and Coding Author

Site Creation or Installation and Maintenance


Mar 2003 - Kalef Consulting - Designing Effective Training Programs
Feb 2003 - Kalef Consulting - Training Delivery Skills - Level 1
1994 - SIGGRAPH Character Animation Systems Course
1994 - University of Calgary - Master of Science Computer Animation
1990 - University of Regina - Bachelor of Science, Honours Co-op combined degree in Computer Science and Mathematics
2002 - Makiko Tada - San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Kumihimo Workshop
1994 - Quickdraw Animation Society Intermediate Adult Animation
1993 - Quickdraw Animation Society Beginner Adult Animation

Work Experience:

2000-Present Chief Technology Officer Elegant Solutions Consulting Vancouver, BC
System prototyping, office management and administration, human resource management, light systems administration, XML/XSL coding, and Perl programming.
1999-Present Consultant ArghC Consulting Vancouver, BC
Site design and maintenance, Java programming, CGI coding, host selection and installation.
1996-1999 Technical Director Radical Entertainment Vancouver, BC
Designed and implemented corporate intranet. Deployed corporate Internet presence. Specified and assisted in firewall deployment. Set up inter-office VPN. Technical lead and administrator of a team with up to 8 members.
1995-1996 Webmaster Cyberion Networking Corp. Vancouver, BC
Installed, configured, and maintained Apache 1.1.1, Apache 1.1b1, NCSA httpd 1.4 and 1.5, Netscape Netsite 1.1 and Communications Server on DEC Alpha, Sun Sparc 5, 20 and Netra on SUN Sparc 5 and 20. Configured and administered multiple virtual hosts.
Installed and authored custom web sites for business customers. Wrote custom CGI's in C and Perl for server statistics analysis, database creation and maintenance, online shopping, and server-push animation. Installed and debugged Java Applets.
General customer service via email. Server statistics analysis.
1993-1995 Consultant Pacific Rim Communications. Calgary, AB
Created the cover illustration for a magazine. Installed httpd on various machines. Wrote HTML documents, both standard (HTML 2.0) and Netscape enhanced (HTML+), and CGI scripts for various applications with Perl and C. Used Visual Basic to write a real estate listing and image dialup database, and a yellow pages information server.
1994-1995 Programmer Side Effects Software Inc. Toronto, ON
Used C++ to write modules for a computer animation system, including motion capture, character animation, and sound editing.
1989-1993 Consultant Symbiosis Computer Services. Calgary, AB
Worked on a Windows-based image archiving project using Visual Basic and ObjectVision which included data capture, image processing and image compression. Created five custom accounting packages using the Paradox Application Language, and C with the Faircom database development toolkit.

Co-op Work Experience:

1988 Summer Programmer Bell-Northern Research Ottawa, ON
Worked on a Macintosh (Plus, SE, II) and an IBM-AT clone to create a telecommunications specific language preprocessor for a simulated telephone environment.
1988 Winter Programmer Bell-Northern Research Ottawa, ON
Used XPM PASCAL and the Problem report Library System to resolve Problem Reports for the XPM Performance Department. All solutions were tested in a Captive Office environment.
1987 Summer Programmer The Canadian Wheat Board Winnipeg, MB
Wrote a PL/1 application to link separate word processing and electronic mailing systems. The Atlas Graphics mapping package was studied for possible applications at the Canadian Wheat Board.
1986 Fall Programmer Shell Canada Limited Calgary, AB
Wrote a VAX BASIC database file format conversion application. The DEC Command Language was used to produce command files for a code management system.
1986 Winter Co-op Student Bell-Northern Research Toronto, ON
Maintained the Problem Report database during a testing phase of the Meridian system.

Teaching Experience

Aug 2002 Basic Kumihimo Seminar Assistant Convergence 2002, Vancouver, BC
Two (2) hour introductory seminar to kumihimo on the kumihimo disc.
Aug 2002 Advanced Kumihimo Seminar Assistant Convergence 2002, Vancouver, BC
Two (2) hour seminar in advanced kumihimo on the kumihimo disc.
Jul 2002 All-in-One Kumihimo Workshop Assistant Convergence 2002, Vancouver, BC
Three (3) day workshop in various kumihimo (Japanese braiding) techniques including the use of maru dai, taka dai, and kumihimo disc.
Jul 2002 Kumi Muffler Workshop Assistant Convergence 2002, Vancouver, BC
One (1) day workshop in finger weaving (also known as turban braiding).
1990-1992 Teaching Assistant University of Calgary
Taught labs and marked assignments for Introduction to Computers for non-majors, including word processing, spreadsheet, database, and Pascal programming skills. Introduction to Computer Science, and Techniques for Numerical Computation.
1986-1987 Marker University of Regina
Marked assignments for Matriculation Geometry and Trigonometry, Precalculus Mathematics, Introductory Calculus, and Calculus II.

Volunteer Work Experience:

1990-1991 Director Univ. of Calgary Chinese Student's Society
Maintained most external text correspondence for the Society. Ticket clerk and crowd control at dances. Part time office manager.
1990 Summer Instructor Shad Valley Program for Gifted Students
Taught basic computer graphics concepts. Supervised the production of a computer animation.

Activities and Interests

I am a member of Systers, the International Guild of Knot Tyers, the Braid Society, Greater Vancouver Weavers' and Spinners' Guild, and the Canadian Women's Internet Association. I enjoy reading, animation, Chinese knotting, kumihimo, beading, drawing, martial arts, and figure skating.

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