Carol's Big Mess 'o Links II

The Organized Section

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New Toys

  • I-Ching

    Freely Available Software that I Use

  • XEmacs - and their FTP site (last I checked 19.14)
  • Emacs
  • GNU Project Documentmentation
  • Perl - documentation

    Emacs Modes I Use

    Web Software I Use

    Stuff I keep tabs on

    General Info

  • Silicon Graphics Employment Opportunities
  • World Weather
  • Vancouver Weather
  • The Daily Planet - Weather with Pictures
  • WHO Tobacco and Health
  • World Population (also available as text only)
  • Directorate of Time - by the US Naval Observatory. Everything you ever wanted to know about time and your place in the universe (physically and from an USiAn perspective, that is 8)
  • The Uselessness of Pi and its irrational friends

    Desktop Publishing

  • Global Prepress/DTP Centre


  • WWW Security FAQ
  • CERT Coordination Center - The Carnagie Mellon University service. It is the emergency response team WRT computer security of concern to internet users.
  • Risks Forum Digest
  • Additional Security Information - by the Internet Security Systems Inc.
  • Internet Security Review - a web-mag with paid membership and free access portions.
  • Entrust Web Certificate Demonstration - free SSL or S-HTTP (demo) certificates from Northern Telecom

    Privacy Issues

  • MIT distribution site for PGP
  • Viacrypt - pgp for commercial usage
  • The Privacy Pages - somewhat US oriented
  • The Anonymizer - a mechanism for surf the web anonymously.
  • Center for Democracy and Technology - for an example of what to be worried about, try this link
  • Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet - links and info about tools such as remailers and encryption programs.
  • Decense - project to "de-censor the net"
  • Mailcrypt home page
  • mailcrypt home page FTP mirror
  • Privacy on the Internet: Survey Results
  • gnu Mime tool mm2.7

    Legal Issues

  • The Copyright Website - loads of info on copyright issues
  • Copyright & Fair Use - Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources, in collaboration with the Council on Library Resources and FindLaw Internet Legal Resources, are sponsors of the site
  • Internet Copyright page
  • Businesses on the Internet Legal Research Initiative - BOTI. A non-profit organization (American) whose purpose is to educate businesses WRT the Internet. Currently (08/96) they have begun a project to develop ISP and Web Deveoper Agreements that better protect the service provider. There is also a focus on Domain Name Registration issues and more generically on Internet law in general.
  • ISP legal liabilities
  • Legal Resources Relating to Internet and World Wide Web Issues
  • Cyberspace for Non-Lawyers

    Change of Address

  • pobox - email address and web page URL redirection service. yearly fee (inexpensive last time I checked)
  • OCLC's Persistent URL (PURL) Service and Software - URL redirection service. You must register, but the service appears to be free. Also you can download the software and be your own PURL service.
  • Mail Zone - one time fee, permanent mail alias/redirection service.

    General Web Info

  • The World Wide Web Initiative: The Project
  • What's New With NCSA Mosaic
  • The Common Gateway Interface
  • Global Network Navigator
  • - sometimes advertised as the webmaster reference site.

    Web Utilities

  • W3 Search Engines
  • Search Engines on the Web


  • A Compendium of HTML Elements
  • Web-Aid - The Internet's Ultimate HTML Resource
  • iso8859-1 table - character entities in a nice table for visual identification.
  • HTML Reference Manual
  • Bare Bones Guide to HTML
  • HTML 3.0 vs Netscape
  • Netscape's Web Authoring reference page

    Web Design Issues


  • Hints for Web Authors - this is a good one!
  • What makes a Great Web Site?
  • Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design - the alert box for May 1996
  • The Bandwidth Conservation Society - advice for getting your best pixels for bandwidth.
  • Gifsize - a perl program that scans your html documents and inserts height and width tags into your imgsrc tags.
  • WWWis V1.8 - gifsize, but also supporting JPG, XBM, and PNG (2.0 written for Perl 5 is coming RSN)
  • Adobe Image Type Comparison Chart - JPG vs GIF what kind of image looks best with which representation?
  • David Siegel's Home Page - a graphic designer he wrote Severe Tire Damage on the Information Highway, interesting advice even if it is elitist.
  • Enhanced for Netscape Hall of Shame
  • Bud Uglly Page of Web Design - design humour
  • Sun Web Style Guide
  • Designing for Text Only Access
  • What is Content Negotiation? - nice intro article about what it is and what is needed to make it work.
  • Inserting objects into HTML - spes for the proposed <object> tag
  • Netscape Docs for Client Site Image Maps - and how to encode for both CSIM and SSIM.
  • Mathematics for the Web
  • NC -- Network Computer - the home page.

    Universal Accessability

  • NCSA Mosaic Access Page: a resource for people with disabilities
  • W3C Disabilities Developments
  • Trace Research & Development Center - guidelines and references for web design considerations WRT surfers with physical disabilities.
  • CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) - recognizes sites designed for surfers with disabilities and has a "Web Access Symbol" seal of approval type thing.
  • WebABLE! - "WebABLE! (pronounced Web-ABLE) is the World Wide Web information repository for people with disabilities and accessibility solution providers..." DEC seems to be involved in this site somehow?
  • ReadToMe - actually, this is supposed to be an educational tool for kids (in Hawaiian and English), currently for Windows only, but...
  • Bobby - An Automatic Verifier of Web Site Accessibility. Checks for accessibility and browser compatibility. The source code is also available for downloading.
  • Catholic Charities Resources Page - includes resources of all types, but mostly of interest (to me) for the Disability Resources
  • SCOTTER'S RESOURCES For The Visually Disabled - being legally blind, himself, Scotter keeps pretty good track of these things. 8)
  • The Speech Friendly Web Site - a compendium of sites that are friendly to speech or braille browsers. Again maintained by a visually impaired person who probably knows what's up. 8)

    Frames - ewww!

  • Frames tutorial
  • Frames tutorial #2
  • Netscape frames info page
  • Netscape tables page


  • gd - a graphics library for fast GIF creation (1.2 last I checked, 2.0 will support PNG)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Page - a proposed replacement standard image format (vs GIFs)
  • Transparent Gif'ness
  • Image Club Photoshop Tips and Tricks
  • Adobe Systems Inc Home Page
  • PhotoDisc - royalty free digital stock photography for cheap (so they say)
    Free Image Sources
  • The Background Deli
  • ProMotion web graphic design house - very pretty, a few free logos and animations

    Meta Tags

  • Meta tag info: webcom
  • Meta tag info: indiana
  • Meta tag info: utoronto
  • Meta tags and search engines

    Colour Selection

  • Web colour issues
  • Victor Engel's No Dither Netscape Colors
  • Netscape Technical Note #10117 - Explains how Netscape for Windows displays colors, and which ones will work properly without dithering in an unpleasant way.
  • hIdaho Design ColorCenter


  • Oracle PowerBrowser - for Windows type computers only (so far?) with support for java
  • GNNpress - WYSIWYG browser/html (web/site) editor. It's nice, it's free, it's available for all major platforms (meaning mac, pc, and most breeds of unix)

    Offline Browsers

  • WEBWHAKER from ForeFront Group available for two weeks evaluation - an offline web browser (also downloads sites/pages/etc for you)
  • GrabNet - grabs pieces of web pages (images, text segments) and storing it in a format such that you retain the original source (eg. URL)
  • MilkTruck - offline webbrowser for windows 95 and NT => WebEx
  • UNMOZify - offline webbrowser for your cache

    Browser Compatibility Testing

  • HTML Tag and Attribute support by Browser
  • Browser Acid Test
  • BrowserCaps - catalog of html support by various browsers
  • WWW Test Pattern - HTML compliance tests
  • Test Your Browser! (From Fred Langa's HotSpots Page)
  • BrowserCap - A catalog of HTML support provided by different Web Browsers (test your own)
  • Web Design-O-Rama: Battling Browser Hell - browser comparisons
  • another web browser/server comparison site

    Web Validation Services

  • Web Lint
  • HTML Validation - kinder and gentler than weblint??? 8)
  • Dr. HTML - html checker

    Web Site Design Tools

  • Claris Enquirer - Clairis Home Page (I'm actually not sure if it does sites since I work off of a Unix box at work, not a Mac, Win95, or NT)

    Web Promotion

    Community Building via Link Swapping

  • Web Ring - a setup where web pages can join a ring of like topic'd pages. they include a link back to the webring
  • Internet Link Exchange - banner/link type advertising of pages club. Gif banners only: 400x40 pixels < 7K (7168 bytes), no transparency or animations.
  • SWWWAP! - a free link exchange service. 2 exposures of others' links gets you 1 exposure. Supposedly you can target your link exposures by category and geographic location. GIF banners only: 400x40 < 10K, no transparency, but animations allowed.
  • DoubleClick - join up and they place ads on your site for you. Supposedly the ads are "highly targeted" to be of interest to your readers. 995$ (low??) membership fee.

    warning: it has been reported that they use netscape cookies to track your browsing patterns.

  • PostMaster - a fee-based promotion service
  • Online Advertising Discussion List

    Banner Agencies

  • The Web Ad Space Registry - a free service for buyers and sellers.
  • Interactive Imaginations Commonwealth - join for free. ads are placed on your site from their pool, you are given 3/4 cents for each "unique host impression" (distinct host/24 hr period)
  • Web Connect - advertising placement agency (work on a commission basis 70-30)
  • Burst Media - banner ad marketing agent (place ads from other sites on your page. operate on a commission basis 80-20, 65-35, 50-50 based on length of term)
  • Focalink Communications - "Targeted Marketing for the Internet" (create tools for targeting and focussing marketing)


  • SponsorVision - sponsorship and event marketing corp.
  • IEG Network - "The Sponsorship Source"
  • i traffic - "The Online Media Planning Specialists"

    Announcement Sites

  • Go Net-Wide - a (long!) list of places to announce your new site to.

    Internet Research

  • O'Reilly Internet Survey - with demographic info
  • web demographics - Georgia Institute of Technology's Graphics and Visualization Unit (GVU)
  • CommerceNet / Nielsen Internet Demographics Recontact Study - Executive Summary
  • Internet Research guide - modems, demographics, servers, etc.
  • Survey-Net
  • Decisive Technology Corporation - email survey technology
    1020 Corporation Way, Suite 100
    Palo Alto, CA 94303
    (415) 528-4300; (800) 987-9995


  • PR and the Web
  • Web Digest For Marketers
  • Who's Marketing Online
  • Project 2000 - research on computer marketing
  • Small Business and Effective Web Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Resources - home page for the mailing list
  • Ad Age - marketing info from the customer perspective
  • INTECO in the US - An organization specializing in providing detailed household information on the emerging interactive consumer
  • Direct E-Mail Marketing Association - they maintain a "don't send me email" list
  • Web Assurance Bureau - trying to be the BBB of the web
  • E-Mail Discussion Groups/Lists - Resources

    Web Dev Tools

  • Internet Engineering Task Force - IETF, the people who have meetings to make it go: HTTP, HTML
  • Make Your Own Home Page
  • The Web Developer's Virtual Library
  • HTML Converters
  • Web Developer's Virtual Library: CGI
  • Doc's WebDev Page
  • Windows Web Server Utilities
  • Texture Land Junction
  • The World Wide Web- tools for aspiring web weavers
  • Web Development Tools
  • Johnson-Grace's Home Page
  • HTML Access Counter 4.0
  • Clock requires Netscape
  • The HTML Writers Guild Website - Canadian Mirror

    CGI Tools

  • CGIwrap - a wrapper to make user cgi's run as that uid
  • MotherSoft Apache Products - makers of suCGI
  • WebEvent - WWW Group Calendar Software
  • MiniVend - free shopping cart program
  • PerlShopTM Shopping Cart Software Home Page - an "AdverwareTM" (advertise for us and you can have it for free) product.

    Web Servers/Web Mastering

  • CA Domain Registry
  • Internic's whois
  • Domain editting tool - a perl thingie
  • Getting Real About Usage Statistics
  • Referrer log analysis tool
  • Link Checking - a list and analysis of tools for checking HTML links.
  • SFU Home Page for Web Software Tools - a whole list of really useful stuff like link checkers and syntax tools and the like.
  • Web Edge Resources - for people webmastering on macs
  • WEBtechniques - a mag contribuited to by Lincoln Stein and Randal Schwartz among others.
  • WebMaster Magazine - the online edition
  • iWorld magazine
  • URL Minder - emails you when a web page changes

    Extensions to Server Side Includes

  • NeoScript - an apache xssi thingie based on SafeTcl
  • XSSI - ditto
  • SSIplus - ditto (actually ths seems to have disappeared)
  • PHP/FI - ditto
  • Eva - a proposed CGI language, supposedly more secure than Perl


  • GNNserver

    Web Associations

  • Web Consultants Association Home Page
  • International Directory of Women Web Designers
  • Professional Society for Internet Developers

    Hosting Info

  • Budget Web - a site with lists of low-cost servers for site hosting.
  • GeoCities - free webpage hosting
  • Planet Tripod - free webpage hosting


    BC ISP's


  • Victoria
  • Vancouver
  • Freenets
  • Freenets

    Misc Other ISP's

  • KOCHII Is Here!
  • Welcome Page: InterNode Networks
  • Canada Connect Corporation - Information
  • Nucleus Information Service Home Page
  • Alberta SuperNet Inc
  • CCI Networks Corporate Links
  • Canadian Business Advertising Network<1>
  • TICNET Information Page
  • Vertex Communications Inc. World Wide Web Home Page
  • The Network Centre Ltd. Rate Structure
  • T-8000 Information Systems
  • Software Alberta Society
  • Best Internet Communications, Inc.
  • Announcements at The Gate

    Free Software

  • Shareware.Com
  • Stroud's List of Shareware
  • One Stop FTP Site


  • creator of solitaire 'til dawn
  • solitaire 'til dawn ftp site



  • Hollywood Online
  • Mr. Showbiz
  • Ultimate TV List
  • Nuke - genre media
  • TV Guide
  • The Prof's Page - with lists of upcoming movies, videos and comics


  • Guerrilla Media Home Page - home of the "as seen by DeMurderers" campaign

    Motion Picture Studios

  • Alliance
  • Disney
  • New Disney link
  • LucasArts - mostly about their video games, but there is some movie info.
  • David A. Koran's unofficial ILM Archive
  • MGM
  • New MGM/UA link
  • New Line Cinema
  • Paramount
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment Home Page otherwise known as Columbia Pictures
  • Universal

    Action Cinema

  • Hong Kong Movies
  • Hong Kong Cinema
  • Asian Movies

    Television Networks

  • ABC -
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • BBC - British Broadcaster
  • CBC - gov't sponsored Canadian TV
  • CBS -
  • City TV - Toronto Megastation (parent organization to Muchmusic and Bravo)
  • Classic Sports Network
  • CNN - cable news network (also available in a text only version.
  • CTV, - privately owned Canadian TV
  • The Discovery Channel Canada
  • ESPN's SportsZone
  • FOX -
    Fox Broadcasting Company, PO Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213
    tel: (310) FOX-3553
  • MTV - (American) Music Television
  • MuchMusic - The Nation's (Canada) Music Station
  • PBS - Public Television
  • The Sci-Fi Channel
  • TBS/TNT - the Turner network
  • TSN - The Sports Network (Canada)
  • YTV - - tv for the young at heart

    TV Shows

  • Lee's SFTV Page
  • The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
  • Lois & Clark -- the Web Server
  • TV Nation -
  • Vanishing Son
  • Gargoyles


  • Alliance's Reboot Page - highly graphic slow loader
  • The ReBoot Home Page - a page officially sanctioned by the company actually generating the show, BLT Productions.
  • An Unofficial Reboot Fan Page - with info on toys, trading cards, as well as the show.

    Due South

  • Official Due South e-mail address
  • SUBSCRIBE DSOUTH-L firstname lastname
  • MacGowan's Due South Page
  • Turner's Due South Page
  • Tang's Due South Page


  • Dilbert
  • Dr. Fun

    Pretty Pictures

  • 3D Web
  • Graphics Web
  • 3D ftp library
  • Island Art
  • Pacific HiTech Art Gallery
  • WebMuseum: Escher, M(aurits) C(ornelius)
  • Carol's Symbol Page


  • Chinese Knotting (macrame)
  • Kumihimo (braiding)
  • Joseph Wu's Origami Page (paper folding 8)
  • Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)
  • World Wide Webs - string figures

    Figure Skating

  • Loosemore's Skating Page
  • Yahoo Skating Page
  • Canadian Figure Skating Fan Page


  • Canadian Music Exchange
  • Digital Jukebox
  • Sarah McLachlan
  • Loreena McKennitt
  • Nik Kershaw
  • European Shopping - cf. Nik Kershaw CD's
  • firefly - "personal software agent" was The Helpful Online Music Recommendation Service, now recommends movies as well as music.

    Reading and Writing

  • ABA's BookWeb
  • BookWire
  • Internet Book Information Center
  • The On-line Books Page
  • PEHP Books and Libraries
  • misc.writing
  • Chinese Language
  • Chinese Literature
  • ANU-Coombspapers Archive
  • Research Institute for the Humanities
  • Religion and Philosophy Resources on the Net
  • The Library of Congress
  • Webster's Dictionary
  • Sample Citations for Works Cited Pages - online "bibliography" citation formats
  • The Slot - a Spot for Copy Editors
  • Carol's Printed Genre Page - contains: SF guides, publishers, online bookstores, favourite authors, and comic books.

    Health Issues

  • Airspace Non-Smokers' Rights Society


  • Mark James
  • Home Page for Mark S. Hammel
  • Daemon Maxwell
  • Steve Franks
  • Tara O'Shea
  • China-Net Jobs
  • Hacker Barbie
  • The Studmuffins of Science
  • Annals of Improbable Research
  • Girl Tech
  • Inspection Service info on Consumer Fraud - info from the United States Postal Service


  • Market Market - how to accept credit cards.

    WebFORCE Web Server Tuning Guidelines
    WebFORCE Web Server Tuning Guidelines
    Configuring and Debugging SLIP and PPP for SGI IRIX
    The Guru's Home Page (page or files last changed 31 Oct 95)
    MorseMcFadden Communications Home Page
    Web Server Statistics for Lucifer
    HTML Writers Guild: Member Requests For Comments
    WWW Homepage Access Counter
    Partners Needed (Pairs/Dance)
    CronCount 2.0 BETA
    VDOLive Armchair
    Celebrity Addresses
    Extensions to HTML
    Thomas Orth's Computer Graphics Gallery
    The Learning Machine Home Page
    The Chocolate Lovers' Page
    Alta Vista: Main Page
    IBD's SGI Collection
    NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: Multihome support
    CGI Security
    Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Page Design and Layout
    Spiderwoman Home Page
    (Bob Allison's Home Page) The Web Masters' Page
    Chinese-Language-Related Information Page
    VRML Repository
    Emerging Technologies Research from FIND/SVP, Inc.
    InterFace InterPretations
    CCC Online Copyright Information
    Women and Computers: A Sacramento Bee special report
    Women in Computing Bibliography
    SurfWatch Home Page
    Aki's Recent Artwork
    Martin Ramsch - iso8859-1 table
    Hot 100 Websites - Updated Weekly
    GNU Emacs FAQ: Introduction
    Kasparov vs Deep Blue
    Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter
    Expect the Best from a Girl
    Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library
    Brewing Java: A Tutorial
    MMWIRE Online
    What is a Webmaster ?
    George Goble (GHG) [EXTENDED HOME PAGE]
    Employment Opportunities
    Web Site Costs
    html writers guild tools and utils
    HTML Writers Guild: Guild Specific Information


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