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arghC Consulting is the result of over 30 years of computer experience and almost 20 years of internet experience (which doesn't quite explain why this page is currently a slight modification of what was my home page from my university days. (No one calls their sites "home page" anymore...) I have several projects on the go, including intranet contract work I can't show you and some personal obsession sites including, a figure skating fan site, and The Chinese Knotting Home Page. This site I plan to use as a dumping ground for what I've learned and showcase my computer work for those who are interested... 8)

Our growing family

This page describes my computer graphics research interests. My consulting, resume, hobbies, and personal information are on different pages.


My accounts have been moving around quite a bit and everything is backed up on tape, so my files are not as they should be. Consequently, a lot of what should be here I'm going to send you to other people's web pages to find.

Facial Animation

My Masters thesis work at the University of Calgary was on facial animation with hierarchical splines and simulated muscles. Hierarchical B-Splines are the work of David Forsey, who is a professor at UBC in the Imager Lab.

A few of the animations I used to illustrate this work are available as a series of SGI RGB files. When I get the disk space and the time I will convert them into mpegs.

Joseph Provine extended my system to do some speech animation.


"Langwidere: A New Facial Animation System" In Proceedings of Computer Animation 1994, pages 59-68, Geneva, Switzerland, May 25-28, 1994.

Langwidere: A Hierarchical Spline Based Facial Animation System with Simulated Muscles Master's thesis, University of Calgary, October 1993.

"We Want a Rock!" In Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 38-40, Silver Star Mountain, Vernon, BC, March 28-30, 1993.

"Talking Heads: Developing Pull" In Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 114-119, Silver Star Mountain, Vernon, BC, March 28-30, 1993.

"Current Trends in Facial Animation, or Langwidere: Not Just Another Witch." In Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 103-108, Sunshine Village, Banff, AB, April 6-8 1992.

"Automating Facial Gestures and Synthesized Speech in Human Character Animation." In Proceedings of the Third Annual Western Computer Graphics Symposium, pages 39-40, Silver Star Resort, Vernon, BC, April 8-10 1991.


One of my other obsessions are rocks, crystals and minerals. I've cobbled together a small program to test some personal theories on crystal growth/formation and then used Rayshade to generate a few pictures. These are some of the ones I was most pleased with:

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