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The Great Blog Reorg

For those that care (and I'm sure that there are very few!), as I Jekyll-ize my blogs, I am thinking about their raisons d'être and occasionally making adjustments. One of those adjustments is to move the non-tech stuff from Mistress of My Domain to here, and consolidating the tech stuff that was here over to MoMD. So, if you remember there being something here (!!!) that was tech-ish that you want to see again, look there.

Adventures with Birds

Last week, on a day that was shaping up to be just melancholy and solemn we passed a school yard covered in white. Being a person that normally prefers my nature on the other side of a video signal, I thought… seagulls? We had to investigate though and walking closer eventually revealed geese. White ones, not classically black and grey Canada geese. A post-event web search seems to indicate that these ones were snow geese. Here’s a video of that:

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Expletive Deleted

A number of years ago now, I decided to conduct a … sociology (?) experiment on myself and the kids. I wanted to see if I could substitute an artificial expletive for the usual excretory and reproductive oaths commonly used.

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