Adventures with Birds

Last week, on a day that was shaping up to be just melancholy and solemn we passed a school yard covered in white. Being a person that normally prefers my nature on the other side of a video signal, I thought… seagulls? We had to investigate though and walking closer eventually revealed geese. White ones, not classically black and grey Canada geese. A post-event web search seems to indicate that these ones were snow geese. Here’s a video of that:

Two days later, we were taking the girls to their art class and going to get groceries. Gameboy, as usual, wanted to stay home and play video games. We figured, he’d just been fed, he’d be in front of the computer or the tv for less than 2 hrs. What could happen?

We found out when we were in the dairy section and a call came from Gramma (who lives next door). He had run from our house barefoot and sans coat. Actually he had been wearing socks, but he took them off so that they wouldn’t get dirty. He just wasn’t going back into the house for shoes or coat because there was a bird in there. Note that we have no pets. Looking at each other in a bemused fashion and giggling occasionally as we checked out and headed home. What could happen, indeed.

Wild speculation as we drove home. A bird that somehow got down the chimney? A goose taking vengeance for disturbing its migration?

We searched the house when we got there. I deliberately tapped doors and walls as I wandered. No bird that we could find. We went and retrieved the boy and he told us about playing games when he looked up and there was a bird sitting on the Rock Band drums. Initially he thought that it was some art project of his sisters, a decoration applied to the drums, so he went back to playing, but then it started hopping around… and he was out of there.

He was telling the story and pointing at the drums when I heard a thunk from the kitchen. I wandered in and there it was looking longingly out the back window. I was getting my camera phone set up when it dove viciously for my head. 8-) Yes, it was probably a sparrow, but… So we opened the front door and herded it from room to room until it found the open door. Sadly, the only picture I got is the following:

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