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Here I am starting yet another blog. Why would I do that? Well, I’m a packrat, both digitally and physically. Whenever I had a random thought about something I might want to do online, I went ahead and reserved the domain name (reserve first, question later, because once a domain name is gone it’s exceedingly difficult to get even if the prior reservers eventually decide they don’t want them). So, if the original idea isn’t going to work out, and I don’t want to let the name go, what should I do? Start a blog! 8)

From narrow focus, widening out, my web sites are: Knotty Notions: a decorative knotting and braiding blog The Chinese Knotting Home Page: Remember when everything was a “home page”? That’s what I thought, I do though. sigh I have a dream: it’s a North American decorative knotting conference. The Kumihimo Home Page: Braiding, mostly Japanese but some hair as well. Disorganized Crafter Blog: blog for the Crafts and Crafter Index. A Figure Skating Fan Site: my oldest site, sadly neglected and full of link rot. Someday I will spruce it up, throw a database behind it and throw it open wiki or slash style. Mistress of My Domain: parenting, business and citizenship.

Finally, I have two rather low key businesses (at least until next year when all the kids will be in school 9-3. No more half-days, no more excuses 80 8): The Dao of Silk: Asian craft supplies and this site, which houses everything else including my web consulting business (not that you could tell, could you? 8). Most prominently, it holds my Computer Science Masters research. Everything including the kitchen sink going all the way back to 1996.

The plan is to spruce this site up too. Remove the ancient cruft, exterminate link rot, etc, etc. The blog on this site will be a catch all for anything else I might be interested in enough to post about. Except for Knotty Notions where I’m actively researching decorative knots, my blogs are generally somewhere to put links I’m interested in so I don’t just keep endless tabs open on my browser. One of the main things I’m planning to post here are complete reviews (books, movies, tv, etc) to serve as my own reminder of things I’ve seen and read. Consider that your warning if you’re a spoilerphobe.

One of the other things I’m planning to post are “free ideas”. Random ideas that I like but will never be able to execute. Ideas where it would be really cool if someone else executed them. So, if one of my free ideas strikes your fancy, fear no litigation. I’d love to know if I’ve inspired anyone, but other than that feel no obligations whatsoever.

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