Dinner dagger

dinner dagger We had gone out to dinner to a new (to me) grill-type restaurant. I wasn’t interested in the chicken entree which involved half a chicken and I was thinking the burgers would probably be too heavy too. I’d had a late lunch and wanted something light for supper. Picking a habitual fall-back position, I ordered the club sandwich. The server took our order and wandered off. In a moment he returned dropping off this massive dagger. The whole thing was at least 9” long with a blade almost twice as wide as my thumb. It was the kind of thing they might bring you for steak in a restaurant with attitude.

I was not feeling confident about my club sandwich being the light choice. Sometimes a club sandwich will have shaved or sliced chicken/turkey. Sometimes a club sandwich will have a great big hunk of meat in it. This club sandwich probably had a whole bird.

In the end, the club was fine after I took off the top bun.

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