Free Idea: House Doctor

This idea goes under the category of a business I would like someone else to be running right now because I could use their services.

The House Doctor would be like a family doctor, but for your house. They would come see (sideline for a home inspector?) your house once a year for a checkup. Your roof needs replacing in x years, your water heater has y years left in it, that deck is going to need work this summer, these environmental upgrades are relevant to you, etc.

They call you once in a while to say, it’s time to get your ducts cleaned or time to clear out those eavestroughs.

This is the perceived core business and could actually be provided for free, because the main value of the House Doctor is to provide referrals. Like a mortgage broker, the House Doctor keeps tabs on all the providers and finds the best one for the task and recommends them to you. The House Doctor could also charge a small finder’s fee to the provider, although if they charge you a nominal fee instead in order to maintain objectivity that would work too. A fine detail up to the House Doctor. 8)

Who can I get to fix my deck, I don’t have time.

I would like a built-in shelf in my office, who can do that for me?

Shall I send someone to hang/take down your festive lights?

My front steps need work, it’ll need to be demolished and a new set of steps poured and… who can…

You don’t know who is reliable and the office word of mouth system only goes so far. You don’t want to end up looking like a reality show putz with a massive hole to the outside in your wall and your contractor gone to warmer places with your money.

The House Doctor keeps tabs on who’s available and who’s trust-worthy. The House Doctor knows the plumbers, the electricians, the interior designers, the contractors, the fine woodworkers, the painters and the dog poop scooper people.

I don’t know about you, but I could really use a House Doctor. 8)

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