Having a moment with ducks

duck walking through a parking lotSo, there I was standing in the parking lot in the rain because someone had broken the window of my car and stolen my GPS and iPod. I was standing around waiting for the facility maintenance people to bring some cleaning tools for the shattered glass and what should I see but a duck. Strictly as distance, there’s a lake nearby, but between the parking lot and the lake, there are many streets including 2 major highways. The herons, ducks, and such don’t usually make public displays elsewhere (the Canada geese, gulls and crows are a different story).

Now, I wasn’t in that bad a mood because as you know, stuff happens. In the global scale of events, this was a minor inconvenience. The guy was long gone (someone saw it happen, so we know it was a guy), I wasn’t getting my stuff back, no one was hurt, … but it was still nice to see a living piece of nature where you don’t normally find it. It brought a smile to my face.

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